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Wichtige Informationen zur Prüfungsanmeldung im SoSe 2023

Important information for exam registration in SoSe 2023

Since WiSe 22/23 new regulations apply for the registration for examinations. Registration in the correct registration period is a prerequisite for exam participation. Therefore, please note the applicable registration periods under:

BSc. dates resp. MSc. dates

In this semester you register VbP examinations in the period 15.04. - 30.04.. All other first examinations, or examinations that are only offered once in this semester, you register in the period 15.05. - 31.05. You register for second examinations only this semester during the period 09/16 - 09/23.

Whether it is a VbP examination or one of the other possible forms of examination, you can find out with legal certainty in Annex 1 of the PO applicable to you under

BSc Regulations resp. Master Regulations.

As a rule, examinations of the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, and of Chemistry are offered twice a semester. Examinations of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science are usually offered once a semester. Your lecturer will inform you about the definite offer of examinations in the current semester.

If you are unable to register for an examination in the QIS during the correct registration period, please inform the Academic Examinations Office immediately about your registration request and ask for information about when it will be possible for you to register.