New System for Thin Film Deposition

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© Raymond Zieseniß
New vapour deposition system in the LNQE clean room.

Vapour deposition system for the fabrication of semiconductor quantum dots as a source of entangled photons

The new system for thin film deposition is an HHV ATS 500 with electron beam evaporators. It is used for vapour deposition of thin metal layers of gold, titanium, chromium, nickel, germanium and Silicon dioxide (and other materials if required).

The new coating system is being procured as part of the BMBF project SemIQON for the fabrication of a (hybrid) semiconductor MEMS component for scalable applications in optical quantum amplifiers and computers. A nano-photonic network of quasi-identical, entangled semiconductor quantum dots is to be set up in the component. SemIQON stands for "Semiconductor Integrated Quantum Optical Network" and the project is headed by Prof Dr. Michael Zopf from the Institute of Solid State Physics at Leibniz University Hannover. The device description and contact person for the system are listed on the LNQE website under technology in the LNQE research centre.

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