Visit of the Schulen Rahn in the LNQE

School pupils from the Rahn schools in Nienburg find out about nanotechnology in the LNQE research centre.

What is nanotechnology?

On 17 January 2024, 18 school pupils from the Schulen Rahn in Nienburg visited the LNQE research building. The technical secondary school at the Schulen Rahn specialises in future technologies and future technologies are also offered as a compulsory elective subject in year 10. As the school pupils are particularly interested in nanotechnology at the moment, they learnt about nanotechnology at Leibniz University Hannover in the LNQE research building. 

The programme consisted of a short lecture on nanotechnology, followed by a large laboratory tour with four stations presenting nanomaterials, quantum technology, transmission electron microscopy, and nanotechnology in the clean room, and finally a Q&A session with doctoral students from chemistry, physics, and nanotechnology.

We had a lot of fun - we'd love to do it again!