Silicon Metasurface Mirror

Si-nanosphere metasurface mirrors for future gravitational wave detectors

For a possible implementation of high-efficiency Si-nanosphere metasurface mirrors functioning at telecom wavelengths in future gravitational wave detectors, exact dimensional and configuration parameters of the total system, including substrate and protective coating, have to be determined a priori. The reflectivity of such multi-layer metasurfaces with embedded Si nanoparticles and their potential limitations need to be investigated. Here we present the results on how the substrate and protective layer influence optical properties and demonstrate how dimensional and material characteristics of the structure alter light reflectivity. Additionally, we consider the impact of manufacturing imperfections, such as fluctuations of Si nanoparticle sizes and their exact placement, on the metasurface reflectivity. Finally, we demonstrate how high reflectivity of the system can be preserved under variations of the protective layer thickness, incident angle of light, and its polarization.

Original article:

M. Matiushechkina, A. B. Evlyukhin, V. A. Zenin, M. Heurs, and B. N. Chichkov: High-efficiency silicon metasurface mirror on a sapphire substrateOptical Materials 138 (2023) 113618
DOI: 10.1016/j.optmat.2023.113618