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Sensoric Functionalisation of (Bio-)Polymers (BioFunc)

Sensoric Functionalisation of (Bio-)Polymers (BioFunc)

Leitung:  H.-J. Endres
Team:  J. Lecinski
Jahr:  2016

This research project BioFunc has been set up to functionalise polymers and biopolymers by taking new, nanoscale and chemical approaches in order to gain sensoric properties. The BioFunc is achieved by covalent or non-covalent linkage of stimuli-responsive sensoric compounds to the biopolymers. The aim of BioFunc is to establish a scientific basis for innovative medical or materials engineering applications. The focus of BioFunc lies on polymers with increased thermal conductivity for heat transfer (functional textiles, automobile heaters, etc.), or increased electrical conductivity for signal transmission (sports sector, sensors and control elements, adaptronics, medicine, etc.). Another functional capacity would be the detection of mechanical stress in engineering components, for example to indicate manufacturing flaws, fiber breakages, material fatigue, or delamination in fiber composite components.