Laboratorium für Nano- und Quantenengineering Promotion hsn Forschungsprojekte
Energy transfer and -conversion by functionalized nano-bio-fibers

Energy transfer and -conversion by functionalized nano-bio-fibers

Leitung:  R. Sindelar, F. Renz
Team:  M. Kumar
Jahr:  2013

In the frame of the project functionalized nano-fibers are developed and their energy transmitting and conversional properties are investigated and applied to technical cases. Energy, e.g. photonic or electric or magnetic nature, can be transferred by nano-scaled fibers produced by electro-spinning. Especially fibers made of bio-polymers are of interest in the field of lifesciences and medical engineering. Functionalization by coordination compounds allows localized energy conversion for various applications such as signal transmittance. The project covers production, characterization and functionalization of the nano-fibers.