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Concerted and sequential switching in nanoscopic compounds

Concerted and sequential switching in nanoscopic compounds

Leitung:  F. Renz, M. Oestreich, R. Sindelar
Team:  D. Unruh
Jahr:  2013

Concerted and sequential switching in nanoscopic compounds The aim of this project is the design, development, and investigation of switchable nanoscopic coordination compounds for storage and transformation of energy. The compounds exhibit concerted and sequential electronic molecular switching upon thermal or electro-magnetical excitation. The investigation of the associated conversion and transport of the thermally or optically injected energy is the main focus. A milestone is the synthetical modification of the switchable multinuclear compounds.


Abb. 1: Mößbauer-spectrum of an iron(II) spin crossover compound

Such modification is based on electronical or sterical substitutions in the organic framework as well as in the metal centers. The switching of the compounds will be investigated in powder, crystalline and anisotropic matrix oriented states. The dichroism in the matrix is achieved by incorporation in nanoscopic polymer fibers produced by electro-spinning. Potential applications will be investigated.


Abb. 2: Schematic incorporation of switching molecules in polymer fiber.


Abb. 3: SEM-picture of functionalized nanoscopic polymer fiber