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Miniaturized quantum systems for inertial measurement units

Miniaturized quantum systems for inertial measurement units

Advanced Atom chip manufacturing

We present the development of an atom chip system along with associated peripherals for a six-axis quantum inertial navigation sensor based on atom interferometry. Based on quantum mechanical measurement concepts, these sensors are expected to have high sensitivity and superior long-term stability compared to conventional inertial sensors. Furthermore, they enable offset-free absolute measurement. However, the low measurement rate proves to be a disadvantage. Compared to classical inertial sensors, quantum inertial navigation sensors thus exhibit complementary features, so that a combination of these two methods appears promising. The use of inertial measurement systems on board of aircraft or satellites is usually accompanied by limitations in size, payload and power consumption. To meet these requirements, we address both the atom chip system itself and the necessary environment in the form of pumps and vacuum enclosures which are crucial parts of the sensor head.

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A. Kassner, L. Diekmann, C. Künzler, J. Petring, N. Droese, F. Dencker, H. Heine, S. Abend, M. Gersemann, E. M. Rasel, W. Herr, C. Schubert, and M. C. Wurz : Miniaturized quantum systems for inertial measurement units023 DGON Inertial Sensors and Systems, ISS 2023 - Proceedings
DOI: 10.1109/ISS58390.2023.10361909