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Neues Mitglied aus den Nanoskopische Systemen

New Member from the Nanoscopic Systems

Dr. Markus Etzkorn

Dr. Etzkorn establishes the electron microscopy group at LENA

Dr. Markus Etzkorn deals with different aspects of the correlation of structure and physical properties in nanosystems. He is interested in different classes of materials: Magnetic materials, superconductors, 2D systems, such as graphene, or molecular systems.

In recent years, Dr. Markus Etzkorn has worked a lot with scanning probe microscopy, especially with extensions at ultra-low temperatures or new approaches to time resolution in these setups. He also has a lot of experience with scattering with photons, electrons and neutrons, with X-ray absorption spectroscopy and photoemission.

Dr. Markus Etzkorn has been with the Institute of Applied Physics at the TU Braunschweig for two years and will head the newly established electron microscopy group at the Laboratory for Emerging Nanometrology (LENA). The close cooperation with the LNQE, especially in transmission electron microscopy, is very important. There is already a cooperation project in this area within the QuantumFrontiers Cluster of Excellence.

Welcome to the LNQE!