Startup from Sensor Technology

© Konstantin Krüger
Startup ACKISION are Cornelius Wendt, Alexander Bohnhorst, Dr.-Ing. Ansgar T. Kirk and Prof. Dr.-Ing. Stefan Zimmermann

Spin-off with a novel current measuring device for very small electrical currents

The new startup ACKISION GmbH from the  Institute for Electrical Engineering and Measurement Technology has developed a novel current measuring device called FUSE. FUSE not only measures currents in the femtoampere range virtually error-free, but also quickly - and can still measure larger currents up to one microampere without any switching. FUSE stands for "Femtoampere (fA) to microampere (µA) fast acquisition" (in German: "Femtoampere (fA) bis Mikroampere (µA) schnell erfassen"). This unique combination of speed, sensitivity and dynamics is the decisive unique selling point of the current meter.

ACKISION won the Hanover Startup-Impuls startup competition in the "University Startup" category at the end of March 2022 with its patent-pending FUSE electricity measuring device and is now successful in the special "Young Company" category of the internationally renowned industry award "AMA Innovation Award 2022".