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Lecture: Introduction to Nanophysics

Lecture: Introduction to Nanophysics


Lecture by Prof. Dr. Fei Ding and Prof. Dr. Lin Zhang

Lecture: Mo 10-12, Wed 10-12, Stud.IP
Exercise: Do 10-12, Stud.IP
Start: 26.04.2021 End: 24.07.2021

The course takes place online.

A good understanding of the modern characterization and fabrication technologies for nanomaterials. A basic knowledge of nano- and quantum optics with nanomaterials


  • Characterization at the nanoscale
  • Fabrication at the nanoscale
  • Energy storage with nano materials
  • Semiconductors nanomaterials and devices
  • Optics at the nanoscale: Semiconductor nano- and quantum photonics

For practical training, the students are encouraged to visit three laboratory courses in close relation to the topics covered by the lecture.