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EU Quantum Flagship Förderung für Professor Ospelkaus

EU Quantum Flagship Funding for Professor Ospelkaus

Ionenfallen-Aufbau von Professor Ospelkaus im LNQE-Forschungsbau.

LNQE member researches ions as qubits

The EU is funding quantum technology with the Quantum Flagship for the next ten years with a total of one billion euros. Now, 20 research projects, including the MicroQC project, have been awarded the contract in the first funding period.

The aim of MicroQC is to use state-of-the-art quantum engineering to demonstrate fast and fault-tolerant two- and multi-qubit gates in microwave-controlled, microstructured ion traps and to develop scalable technology components for multi-qubit quantum processors.

Professor Christian Ospelkaus (Institute of Quantum Optics, Leibniz University Hannover and PTB, Braunschweig) is part of the international consortium of MicroQC.

Some of the work on MicroQC also takes place in the LNQE clean room. Congratulations from the LNQE!

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