The synthesis and control of materials on size scales in the micro to nanometer range provides access to completely new material and system properties. On these scales, quantum effects appear in which there is still a largely untapped potential of revolutionary, novel functionalities. The controlled manipulation and mastery of such materials and functionalities requires novel tools. The research of natural scientists and engineers flows together at these structural sizes and thus releases resources synergistically. This leads to the development of completely new nanotechnological components.

The Laboratory for Nano and Quantum Engineering provides a basis for the necessary interdisciplinary research. To this end, a broad effort is made to focus and bundle the know-how of various specialist areas in order to open up new fields of application based on targeted basic research and to make economic use of nanotechnology.

The purpose of the LNQE is the selfless promotion of applied research in the field of mesoscopic systems in the micro and nano range. Within this framework, the institution carries out research projects in interdisciplinary cooperation. The results of these projects are made available to the interested public in a suitable form.

The task of the institution is basic research on mesoscopic scales of magnitude and their implementation in practical applications, in particular in the main fields of nanomaterials, mechanics/magnetics, nanoelectronics, optics, quantum systems as well as training and promotion of young scientists in these fields. In particular, the institution has

  • to carry out research and development projects aimed at opening up new or improving already known application possibilities for micro and nanotechnology;
  • to ensure the practical application of scientific findings and to bring together forces from applied research and practice;
  • to provide training and further education and to operate support facilities for scientific work and its evaluation in applied research;
  • to promote and improve the interdisciplinary cooperation of the individual members, in particular by establishing a joint pool of process and diagnostic techniques. diagnostic techniques available to the individual members;
  • to cooperate with other research institutions in Germany and abroad in the fulfilment of the proper tasks of the institution.

For the realization of its purposes and tasks, the Laboratory for Nano and Quantum Engineering operates its own building in Hanover with laboratories, equipment etc. and in particular clean rooms.

From the LNQE statutes