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Willkommen beim Laboratorium für Nano- und Quantenengineering

Das Laboratorium für Nano- und Quantenengineering ist ein interdisziplinäres Leibniz Forschungszentrum der Leibniz Universität Hannover auf dem Gebiet Nanotechnologie. Inhaltliche Ziele sind hierbei sowohl exzellente Grundlagenforschung als auch anwendungsbezogenes Engineering im Nanobereich begleitet durch entsprechende fachübergreifende Ausbildung. Zurzeit sind 29 Arbeitsgruppen aus Physik, Chemie und Ingenieurswesen beteiligt. Zur Verwirklichung seiner Ziele betreibt das Laboratorium für Nano- und Quantenengineering ein gemeinsam genutztes Forschungsgebäude in Hannover mit Laboren, Geräten etc. und insbesondere Reinräumen.

Callo for Applications

The Hannover School for Nanotechnology (HSN) invites applications for

PhD Scholarships

The HSN is a coordinated PhD-programme of the Laboratory of Nano and Quantum Engineering from the Leibniz Universität Hannover together with the University of Applied Science and Arts in Hannover. Involved in the programme are the disciplines of physics, chemistry, and engineering. The aim of the doctoral program is the interdisciplinary training of young scientists on the highly topical field of nanotechnology with a focus on nanosensors.

The HSN has set itself the goal of providing outstanding education in excellent research projects with the shortest possible time to doctorate without quality loss. Entry to the programme is possible to graduates with a master's or diploma degree in nanotechnology or physics, chemistry, electrical engineering, and mechanical engineering (or similar). For students with an excellent bachelor’s degree the HSN supports fast track careers (during the master thesis).

As an equal opportunities employer, Leibniz Universität Hannover intends to promote women and men in the context of statutory requirements. For this reason suitably qualified women are specifically invited to apply. Equally qualified applicants with disabilities will be given preferential treatment.

For detailed information, please click HERE

Up to 12 new Georg-Christoph-Lichtenberg-Scholarships will be granted starting October, 1st 2016. Students interested in HSN can apply until May, 18th 2016. The application (including application form, official transcripts, statement of purpose, CV, and at least one letter of recommendation) should be sent as PDFs via e-mail to: Schulze-WischelerLNQE.uni-hannover.de. See HERE for details on the registration.